Lookafe (Coffee bean platform)

 Aren't you boring because of same flavor of coffee in the morning? If you visit Lookafe, you don't need to be boring anymore. You can find coffee beans of various spieces, homes and brands with Lookafe.

How about exploring world of new coffee flavor by blending your picks?
How about drinking 'your own coffee' with your family in the living room?

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More delicious, less costly.

Tell your env.

 Teach your environments' informations like moisture level to your smart application. Then your smart application will send your data to us for best extracting.


Set your machine.

 Follow new direction on your screen, change your sets of machines. It will leads your coffee beans best extracting.


Enjoy your coffee.

 Finally, it's time to enjoy your coffee. Because you don't need to spend lots of time to do 'setting' your machine anymore, you can enjoy your coffee more fresh.

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