Grow & Blossom

You'll be able to experience how we change world. Culture and Technology.

Welcome to Grossom

Technology based on culture.

 Grossom is a corporate that aims not following directions, but making directions.


What Grossom do?

Grossom aims technologies based on cultures for humans. First, we want to explore an island of coffee which is one of the most popular beverage.
Choosable coffee bean

o2o commercial platform

 Grossom manages an o2o platform 'Lookafe'. You can choose your prefer coffee beans searched on native habitat, species, some brands and extra. How about exploring our website and picking coffee beans?

More delicious coffee

AI software

 For drinking delicious coffee, it is essential to do 'setting' periodically. But it is difficult to do 'setting' often, because it is costly from various points. So we are developing a less costly software which can help extracting coffee based on data.

More elaborate coffee

Chemical analysis

 For more delicious coffee, for more fresh morning, we efforts to get more elaborate data. In Lab.Grossom, we study how we offers more elaborate extracting service to customers. If you interest about this, you can visit our lab.